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We bring years of international experience in the service, wellness and hospitality space. We apply a secret formula to everything we do: simplicity. We apply that principle to help you articulate your needs and together build a plan to get you or your business to the finish line.

Detox Program
Fruits and vegetables and juices made fr

Detox Program

Anytime, Anywhere


Provide support for your hospitality business, from organizing the front and back of house, to rebranding and contract negotiations 


Create wellness solutions ranging from a personalized detox plan to holistic assessments and nutritional plans for you and your team


Participate in workshops and learning sessions, ranging from aromatherapy to mediation, reiki and overall wellbeing

Shop malas, supplements, tower garden

Source items or products from different parts of the world through our network of suppliers to fulfill your operational or service needs 


What Clients Say

"7 weeks ago I wouldn’t have thought that I was going to be 25lbs lighter today. But, with the guidance, support and attention provided by Ana, I was able to do it! Not to mention I significantly improved all my health indicators.

If you are looking into learning how to eat well and to lose some pounds while doing it, I strongly recommend Ana’s work! Ana, thanks for all the support you have given me so far! Looking forward to finishing this journey toward my desired weight and health!"

Marcelo M - Florida, US

Ana Quiroga

Meet Ana

My journey into the world of wellness started when I first moved to Asia.  In many ways that single life event triggered something in me and made me the person, I am today.

Hard to believe that a yoga studio could change one's lifestyle.  I was a yoga student back then, but I never really practiced consistently. Thanks to the inspiration, guidance and wisdom of teachers, experts and peers today I am a yoga instructor and I understand yoga as a way of life and transformation. I discovered that by practicing yoga I can ground my vatta mind. 

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal...

It is the courage to continue that counts.”

-Winston Churchill

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